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There are many types of videos and there a many ways to use video to enhance your digital presence. 

Social Media.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but always short.  These videos are meant to grab attention to drive prospective clients to learn more about your services or products.


Capabilities videos are used by companies to communicate their manufacturing or services capabilities to corporate clients.  These birds eye view videos are used at tradeshows, townhalls or showcased on corporate websites.


Film once and distribute worldwide for consistency.  Training videos allow you to perfect your message and distribute a consistent message across your organization.  


Tradeshows, corporate townhalls, charity events, product launches and seminars are opportunities to leverage video.  Filming speakers,  industry leaders, keynotes or interviewing participants are a great way to add digital assets to your campaign.


Personal videos are designed for freelancers, small business owners or real estate professionals.  A one to two minute video that highlights your services and products and also gives prospective clients a glimpse of your personality.  

TV Spots.

TV spots are still a great way to reach a mass audience.  We can provide the full production resources required to get your spot broadcast ready. 

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